About Us!


I’ve been coaching since 1984, with various clubs… Galaxy Track Club, Takus Track Club (both which are sadly no longer with us), and now coach with Winnipeg Optimist Athletics.  Some of you may remember Assiniboine Optimist Track Club from the old days… well this in its latest iteration.  I’m a teacher by trade and have taught every level from grade 4 to grade 12, even a little post-secondary.

I coached from 1984-1992 with Galaxy and Takus Track Clubs and with the birth of my two sons, I took time away from the club scene, although I still coached at the schools where I was teaching.  Throughout this time Larry Switzer, the head of WOA, checked in with me when I had my school teams in town,  to see if I was interesting in returning to a club.

Finally, with my sons both in high school (well almost, with respect to my youngest), I finally said yes after a decade. (I was getting tired of Larry’s nagging actually :))

WOA was a dream come true for me as a coach.  The club administration took care of all the little things that used to drive me crazy around the “job” of coaching and simply allowed me to work with athletes.  Nothing beats being involved with a first class, organized organization that puts the athlete first.

I’ve been blessed to coach many superb young people.  Not all have been great athletes, but in the end, that’s not necessarily what it’s about.  I have learned from all of them and I treasure my time having worked with them.  The friendships built over the years have been so enriching. When a former athlete reaches out for a chat, it is golden.

Going forward, I am excited to have a coach to work with and mentor, Derek Ozunko. Derek ran for Sisler in back in the day, and ran down in the US throughout his collegiate career. He is learning quickly, has fit in well with the group, and is getting to know the athletes!  Welcome aboard!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Yours in track,

Scott (Radley)