A group of wombats is called a “wisdom.” This page contains some wisdom I have found to be poignant, whether said by me or someone else (attributions noted for people other than me).  If you have also said these things in the context of running, and wish your initials added, let me know.

“I’ll tell you when it’s time to panic.”

“Burn-out is not the destination.” – MW

“Chasing records is like chasing ghosts.”

“Split times in relays are from the Land of Oz; they are not personal bests.”

“What ifs don’t count.”

“Time is a great teacher; sometimes we have too much and sometimes we have too little.” – HB / SR

“Run your race and be in charge of your destiny.”

“I don’t care what times other athletes in other groups ran in their practice. If it didn’t happen in a race, it didn’t happen. And if it did happen in a race, good for them!  Now let’s get back to work.”

“Don’t think, run.”

“As you get more experienced in the sport, you will be able to think about what is going on around you and make adjustments.”

“Everyone can have ten minutes of self-loathing after a poor race, then let it go.” – DC

“Being scared of another athlete in your race only affects you; they don’t care.”

“Your path is your path.”

“Take the positive from competition, the negative tends to get in the way.”

“At the end of it all, if you can look in the mirror and say, ‘I gave it my all today,’ that is all you or anyone else can ask of you.”

“Focus on what you are going to do, not what you would like to do.”

“Control what you can control, the rest doesn’t matter.”

“We are heading in the right direction!” – AM

“If you want to vent…. Vent!!”