Cross Country 2021

The following are the main meets in which distance runners in our group have participated over the course of past cross country seasons. To be clear, not all are expected to race in all the races…. Athletes should consider events that are appropriate to their event group, age in the sport, and ability level. There are also meets that your zone, or your school division will host. Other meets may pop up for the older athletes to attend. If you have questions or ideas, please contact me.

Athletics Manitoba Milk XC Challenge, Harbourview (September 29, 2021) (Tentative)

– This is a school meet put on by Athletics Manitoba meaning generally your school would be registering you to participate; individuals may enter as well.
– This is a high school meet in which some conferences mandate their athletes to compete as part of the qualification process for MHSAA XC Championships (but not all conferences; be sure you know if you are supposed to participate).
– School does the entry, unless you are running as an individual.

Griak/Mustang Open (September 24/25, 2021)

Our group will be attending Griak and the Mustang Open this year.  Griak is a meet where athletes come to compete from all over the mid-west and is hosted on a golf course owned by the University of Minnesota on Saturday, September 28, 2019; varsity age athletes are eligible to race at this meet…. however, they will be competing in the Division II university race (the U of Manitoba travels to this race as well.  The Mustang Open in open to junior varsity athletes and is run on September 27, 2019.

We would leave after school on September 26th and return on September 28th after Griak.

MHSAA Provincial Cross Country Championships, TBA (October 13, 2021) (Tentative)

– This is the provincial championships in which anyone can participate as long as they have participated in the required number of races that their conference dictates and the school is attending (WWAC, for example requires its athletes to compete in three out of four races; if it happens you are injured, you can walk the distance just to be “present and participating” at the race so that you are still eligible for MHSAA XC Championships)
– School does the entry

Chris McCubbins Age Class Championships, Harbourview (October 23, 2021) (Tentative)

– This meet is our provincial club championships; the track club will pay your entry fees.
– Club does the entry

NXR Heartland Regional XC, Sioux Falls, SD (TBD, 2021)

More information to follow…. we are seriously looking at attending this meet with the athletes traveling to National XC three weeks from now.

NXR Heartland Regional XC

National XC Championships, Abbotsford, BC (November 27, 2021) (Tentative)

– As appropriate, youth/midget will compete with junior/youth athletes.
– Athletes are responsible for 1/2 the entry fee, plus all travel, hotel, food, transportation
– parents are welcome, but do not have to come
– Club does the entry