Outdoor Track 2021

Sadly the summer program was wiped out by the CoVid-19 pandemic.  Hopefully next summer we will begin to recover our collective health and begin to move forward once again.  This page will be updated when the sport “re-opens” and it is deemed safe to train and compete.  The dates below will give you a rough idea when the meets are (add a year); these dates are from the 2020 summer competitive season, which was canceled.

The only meets that took place this summer (2021) locally were hosted by Athletics Manitoba, Bison Athletics and Winnipeg Optimist Athletics.  Here is a link to the page hosted on the Winnipeg Optimist Athletics website with all the local results.


This is going to be an interesting summer.  With the Olympic Trials, World Juniors, North American Indigenous Games, Canadian Francophonie Games, Tri-Province, Legion Nationals and Manitoba Summer Games, there should be something for just about everyone.  I will make recommendations shortly as to whom should be attending which meet, based on age/ability appropriateness, length of season, and looking ahead to the fall (and perhaps some options).  I am always open to discussion if you have any questions about what I suggest.

There are some changes with the demise of Legion Athletic Camp….  there will LIKELY be a trials meet piggy-backed onto a meet currently scheduled… however, it has not been decided how the team is to be chosen yet… nor has it been determined which meet.  More information as it becomes available.

Generally, there are four “half-meets.”  Two are hosted by the Bisons and two by WOA.  These have not been added to the outdoor calendar yet.

Finally, there are no registration deadlines for the local meets, as yet.  I will let you know as they become available.

May 15 – 16, 2020 – Athletics Manitoba Spring Open

This is the traditional kick-off to the outdoor season and everyone, of all age classes, would normally run it.  It is a full track meet with all events being run.

May 22 – 23, 2020 – SATT Open

This meet has generally been a “we will run if necessary, but not necessarily run” meet.  With its proximity to the AM Spring Open listed above, we will see who will compete and who will not. All are eligible to compete.

June 4 – 6, 2020 – MHSAA Milk Provincial Championships (Brandon)

This meet features the cream of the high school crop and as indicated, is being held in Brandon this year.  You will have needed to qualify at your zone meet previous to participating.  Even if you have attained standard at a recognized meet, you still need to race at your zone meet.  If you don’t, appeals have to be filed, many of which are denied.

June 11, 2020 – Athletics Manitoba Junior High Championships

Competitors will typically attend this meet with their junior high, although individuals can register if their school is not attending.  Application would be made through your school or as an individual.

June 12 – 13, 2020 – Tri-Province Trials; Manitoba Summer Games Trials

To be selected for either of these meets, you will have had to declare that you are interested in participating in either of, or both these meets.  Declaring interest, does not guarantee you are making one or both of the teams, however.  If you declare interest, it also does not commit you to going.  The Tri-Province meet is being held in Brandon and usually teams come in from Alberta and Saskatchewan to compete against us.

Information for the Tri-Prov event will be out shortly. The Manitoba Summer Games sees athletes from all over the province competing against one another in Dauphin.  Additional information for the Summer Games can be found here.  The Technical Package is here.

June 20 – Manitoba Games West Region Trials – Sportsplex, Brandon
June 20 – Manitoba Games East Region Trials – The Comp, Selkirk

June 25-28, 2020 Canadian Track & Field Championships (Oly Trials)

The trials are to be held this year in Montreal with teams being picked for the Olympic Games and the U20 World Championships.  We will have athletes competing in both trials.  The Championships are the premier event on the domestic Canadian track and field scene.  They are being held in Montreal in late June.

To qualify for the meet, certain standards must be met.  You can find the entry standards for both the open and U20 athletes by clicking here and scrolling down to “Entry Standards.” Performances must have been achieved and verifiable outdoors between May 1, 2019 and June 22, 2020. A draft schedule is here.  Athletes as young as 16 can compete at the Championships, but a certain performance level is required.

July 7-12, 2020 – U20 World Championships – Nairobi, Kenya

To qualify for this meet, you must have declared eligibility here.  The National Team Selection Rules book is here.  A particular placing is generally needed to be achieved at the Trials, supplemented with times produced in other competitions.  More on this as it comes out.

July 10-11, 2020 – Manitoba Age Class Championships (all ages)

This meet has historically been a trials meet.  It is uncertain if it will be this year.  It is our provincial club championship and most athletes will be competing in Winnipeg at the University Stadium.  More information as it is received.

July 11-19, 2020 – Les jeux de la francophonie canadienne 2020 (14-18y)

One of the largest gathering of francophone youth in Canada, showcasing athletic prowess, leadership and the arts. The meet will be held in Victoria, BC.  The selection process has been completed and we are just waiting to hear the announcement of the team!  English  Français

July 14-16, 2020 – North American Indigenous Games – Halifax, NS

A wonderful Mawio’mi (gathering of peoples) from all over Turtle Island (North America) is happening in Halifax in July highlighting culture, performances, sports and the arts.  Trials for the different sports are occurring/ have occurred.  Click here for the Technical Manual to get more information about athletics at NAIG.

July 17-19, 2020 – Tri-Province Team Challenge (U16, U18) – Brandon

This is the one of the meets from which athletes were selected at June 12-13, 2020 in Winnipeg. Brandon is hosting athletes from Saskatchewan and Alberta in this yearly classic.  There is a team fee for this event, as yet unknown.  Also, in years past, we have entered as a club because it was cheaper and made our own arrangements. (Some have chosen to be part of the team.)   Options will be discussed as we get closer to the meet.

Note:  Club athletes do not have to attend Tri-Province practices.  The exception to this would be if there are specific relay practices.  

August 7-9, 2020 – Royal Canadian Legion Youth Championships        (U16, U18) – Cape Breton, NS

This meet is the zenith of the U16 and U18 seasons.  The best athletes in those categories from across Canada are competing in Sydney, NS as they take the next step toward their athletic adulthood. (I liked the alliteration, sorry).

Because Legion Athletic Camp is no more, it is uncertain how people will be able to qualify locally for the MB-NWO Team.  It may be a trials meet, however, cost is unknown until the mechanism of qualification has been determined.

The alternative is by meeting the standards set out in the linked technical manual on pp. 15-16 and paying your way.  WOA generally helps out with expenses.  A tentative schedule is included here.  Note:  This is last year’s technical manual (entry standards do not change significantly from year to year and this year’s preliminary schedule…. the new one have not been released on the Athletics Canada site as yet.

August 13 – 15, 2020 – Manitoba Summer Games (U14, U16) – Dauphin, MB

Athletes from around the Keystone Province will converge in Dauphin to contest the Manitoba Summer Games in many different sports and age groups.  If you attended Legion Nationals in Cape Breton the previous summer, you are ineligible for the Manitoba Summer Games (just so you know).  To race here, you will have had to attend the trials meet on June 12-13, 2020 listed above. Here is the link to the Tech Package if you missed it above.