Outdoor Track NOTE: 2019 Still

This page will become relevant closer to the Outdoor Season in 2020


This is going to be a crazy busy summer.  Hopefully, the confusion described below is clear enough to answer any and all questions.  I’ve provided links to additional information, where I’ve deemed it important.  I will make recommendations shortly as to whom should be attending which meet, based on age/ability appropriateness, length of season, and looking ahead to the fall (and perhaps some options).  I am always open to discussion if you have any questions about what I suggest.  The vast majority of athletes should declare for Tri-Province and older more elite athletes should declare for WCG.   Remember, because you declare interest, it does not mean you are making the team….  They are getting a list of athletes who want to be “in the pool.”

June 21-22, 2019 – Manitoba Age Class Championships (all ages)

This meet is a trials meet for two events this summer.  If you are hoping to be selected for either (or both) the Tri-Province meet in Regina  or are going to Legion Athletic Camp in the hopes of being part of Team Manitoba-Northwest Ontario heading to Legion Nationals in Sydney, NS (August 9-11, 2019), you need to take part in this meet.

June 21-22, 2019 Manitoba Age Class Championships
Who can participate? Everyone
Age Class Information 2019 Tentative schedule 2019
Results from Age Class used to select teams going to: Tri-Prov Team Challenge (Regina, SK) Legion Nationals (Sydney, NS)
July 12-14, 2019 August 9-11, 2019
Selection Process See Legion Camp below
Applicable age groups for teams U16, U18 U16, U18
To be considered for the Tri-Province team, you must declare your intent here. (ASAP)

July 5-6, 2019 – GO Classic & Western Canada Games Trials (all ages)

The Western Canada Summer Games Trials is a meet from which the provincial team will be selected to go to Swift Current, SK in mid-August and is for the province’s best athletes born 1999 or later.  The GO Classic is for all age groups and gives younger athletes the opportunity to have a high quality competition.

July 5-6, 2019 GO Classic & Western Canada Games Trials
Who can participate? Everyone
Meet information (soon) Tentative schedule (soon)
Results from Trials used to select team going to: Western Canada Games (Swift Current, SK)
August 13-18, 2019
Selection_process Standards
Applicable age groups for WCSG Born in 1999, or later
To be considered for the WCSG team, you must declare your intent here. (ASAP)

July 12-14, 2019 – Tri-Province Team Challenge (U16, U18)

This is the meet for which athletes were selected at Age Class in Regina. Saskatchewan is hosting athletes from Manitoba and Alberta in this yearly classic. Athletes who make this team and are intending on attending Legion Athletic Camp need to inform the Tri-Province coaching staff if they need to be dropped of at the Camp on the way home.

Club athletes do not have to attend Tri-Province practices.  The exception to this would be if there are specific relay practices.  

There is a team fee of roughly $400-$500 that needs to paid if you are named to the team (I don’t have the exact number handy).

July 14-20, 2019 – Legion Athletic Camp – Peace Gardens (U16, U18)

Athletes attend the camp to receive excellent coaching in the four different event areas as well as cross-disciplinary topics, such as strength, mobility, recovery, and psychology.  The Manitoba-Northwest Ontario Command Legion team is selected from this camp, as well as the Manitoba Age Class Championships.  Performances from Age Class, the camp and perhaps some other meets will be used to determine who will be the thirty-six fortunate athletes who will travel all-expense paid to compete at Legion Nationals in Sydney, Nova Scotia.  Personal comportment at the Camp is also a consideration.  “Poor behaviour at the camp” equals “being left off the team, no matter how good an athlete you are.”  Attending the camp is no guarantee of making the team.  There is an alternate way of qualifying to run in Sydney below under “Royal Canadian Legion Youth Championships.”

Selection from the camp to the Legion team is based on a percentage system.  Athletes are ranked according to their performances.  The first person named to the team will have the highest percentage ranking; the second person named will have the second highest ranking, and so on….  Rankings are based on the the top four performances in each event from the previous three or four years at Legion Nationals. Athletes who qualify from Legion Camp do not have to have attained the published standards on pp. 15-16 of the linked technical manual, they just need to be selected by the committee.

A maximum of two athletes per event can be selected for the team in each age group.  The last few people may be chosen due to other factors… needed for relays, growth of certain events in the sport, etc.  Finally, a team must have no more than twenty-five athletes in either age category.  Twenty-eight athletes could not be selected from the U18 age group, for example.

For more information about the Legion Athletic Camp click here.  The cost of the camp is about $600, but if you write a letter to your local legion, they may pay part of the cost (especially if you have veterans in your family’s background).  The letter should outline how going to camp will aid you in reaching your athletic goals and a little about your relative.  If money is disbursed by your local Legion, a thank you letter is appropriate.

July 25-28, 2019 – Canadian Track & Field Championships                  (Open, U20)

The Championships are the premier event on the domestic Canadian track and field scene.  They are being held in Montreal in late July.

To qualify for the meet, certain standards must be met.  You can find the entry standards for both the open and U20 athletes by clicking here and scrolling down to “Entry Standards.” Performances must have been achieved and verifiable outdoors between May 1, 2018 and July 21, 2019. A draft schedule is here.  Athletes as young as 16 can compete at the Championships, but a certain performance level is required.

August 9-11, 2019 – Royal Canadian Legion Youth Championships        (U16, U18)

This meet is the zenith of the U16 and U18 seasons.  The best athletes in those categories from across Canada are competing in Sydney, NS as they take the next step toward their athletic adulthood. (I liked the alliteration, sorry).

There are two ways to qualify for these championships.  The first is outlined above, under “Legion Athletic Camp.”  The second is by meeting the standards set out in the linked technical manual on pp. 15-16.  A tentative schedule is included here.  If you choose to go to Legion Camp and have run a standard, and prefer not go with the Legion team, you can still go with the club (but you will be paying your way).

August 13-18, 2019 Western Canada Summer Games (born 1999 or later)

This is the final meet of the summer schedule and will be held in Swift Current.  Saskatchewan is hosting the best age 20 and under athletes from Manitoba and Alberta. You would have had to qualify for this meet at the WCSG Trials on July 5-6.  A maximum of three athletes will be taken per event.  There is a team fee of between $500 and $600 dollars, but that can be defrayed if you reach “A” standard within the appropriate time interval.